PROBEX’s transparent face masks are news in ELLE magazine

Elle magazine

Barcelona, Dic 01

Masks have become an essential and mandatory accessory to go outside since they protect us against COVID-19. However, the use of opaque face masks, to which we are already used to, has made it difficult for many groups to achieve full communication, which is the basis for many interactions. The fact of not being able to see the mouth while a person speaks makes it harder for certain groups to interact and communicate with each other. This is the case of the deaf-mute group FESOCA, which we already introduced in a previous entry on this blog. For this reason, as explained in the piece of news, Probex did not hesitate to help all the groups that needed it and as a result, the transparent mask was born.

In statements to the magazine, from Probex it has been confirmed that “a new world is opening and including everyone. The communication difficulty that we had until now with opaque face masks disappears, now we can see the lips and the total expression of the face.”

As can be seen on the Probex website, the transparent face mask ensures 95.5% bacterial filtration efficiency97% filtration of particles and is also reusable up to 30 times.

From Rido and Probex we would like to give a huge thank you to Elle for this publication because thanks to this magazine, our transparent face mask is getting known by more and more people and being accessible to the groups that really need it.

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