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Rido Envase Termoformados

Rido in the thermoforming sector since 1978

Rido manipulados Moldeados was created in 1994 after multiple years of professional activity as Airensplast, S.A., which Manuel Cortina Arcas created in 1978.

Manuel Cortina, one the first businessmen to use thermoforming in Spain, discovered the potential of this new technique during a visit to Mexico D.F. There, he became acquainted with its potential with plastics and its application to the field of packaging for mass produced market products. Soon after, he purchased the first hand-operated thermo-transforming machine in Illig, Germany. Over time, new thermoforming machines were acquired and expanded the company’s fleet of machinery.


At the forefront of thermoforming

Since 2003, the company has been managed by the second generation of the family. We currently have multiple lines of high-capacity thermoforming machines, various packaging lines, and multiple finishing machines.

Over the last four decades, the technical possibilities of thermoforming have evolved. Rido has responded to these changes by upgrading its machinery with the latest technology.

At Rido, we are aware that technical capabilities are closely linked to the experience and professional development of the individuals involved in the development and manufacturing processes. Because of that, Rido includes a team of highly prepared and experienced professionals in the field of thermoforming. This allows us to offer our clients a wide range of products and services.

Rido Envase Termoformados