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Calle Guifré, 787

08918 – Badalona (Barcelona)


Our philosophy

Medio ambiente

Commitment to the future

Our products are manufactured using recycled and recyclable materials. Our manufacturing processes produce zero emissions and zero plastic residue.

Commitment to our clients

We offer the latest, up-to-date thermoforming machines.

Our team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Rido Envase - Comprometidos con los clientes
Rido Envase - Comprometidos con el presente

Commitment to the present

Under the Probex brand we produce a complete product line of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) against infectious agents such as COVID-19. Our main product is the homologated protecting face shield and the transparent face masks accredited by Applus + and AMSLAB that we supply to ONCE and the ONCE Foundation, among many other clients.

Probex Logo


We manage the creation and production process of our thermoforming​packaging from beginning to end, and offer a comprehensive service that fits our client’s needs.


Technical Assessment and Personalized Solutions


Design and Prototype Development


Limited series


Personalized and Standardized Solutions


Solutions for Graphic Design and Printing Processes