Sostenibilidad - Rido Envase Termoformados

Zero emissions

A plastic container differentiates the product, attracts the consumer’s attention, adds information, identifies and multiplies the brand, protects the product that is held within, and facilitates manipulation of the product.

Our products are manufactured with recycled materials. The thermoforming manufacturing process that we use generates zero emissions.

Zero residue

Rido team has been committed to using sustainable and efficient processes for two decades. To us, residue equals resource.

100% of the plastic that is not used during the thermoforming process is recycled and reused in future production processes. This cyclical process guarantees a manufacturing operation that generates ZERO RESIDUE.

In addition, we have chosen to include biodegradable materials, in our catalogue, that have a minimal impact on the environment (materials that biodegrade very quickly when they are in contact with water).

Esquema sostenibilidad