RAC1 makes Probex’s masks

Rac1 - Transparent face mask

Probex transparents face masks, a product that has been homologated and meets European Union standards as well as offers full protection against COVID-19, along with the initiative that Rido Envase took during the COVID-19 pandemic, were news this past December 11th in RAC1. The well-known radio station decided to announce the most innovative product which is the transparent mask in an article published on its website.

In this article, it is explained how Probex’s transparent masks started their journey: from making the news to being commercialized all over Spain, certified as a safety health product.

Moreover, from RAC1 they emphasized Rido’s commitment with the pandemic and textually highlighted “…since the beginning of the pandemic the CEO of Rido Envase, Begoña Cortina, decided to switch the focus on the factory’s resources and put it on the production of masks and elements of protection against COVID-19. In this specific case, she collaborated with other companies all around the country providing transparent protection sheets of the protective screens that were print using a 3D printer. When she realized that the health emergency situation seemed to be a long-term problem, she got the bat rolling and founded Probex, a small Spanish company that manufactures masks, protection robes, ear protectors, screens, disinfectants and more other products useful and needed to combat COVID-19.

Begoña Cortina affirms that from Probex they were not satisfied with obtaining the approval seal based on mere compliance with the health regulations, but also opted to certify the mask with specialized laboratory AMSLAB.

One of the highlighted advantages in the news is that the mask is of great help for specific groups such as deaf people – previous blog article -, the teaching sector, speech therapists, language schools or journalists. They all have in common the need to show their lips when they speak. Cortina assures that the mask does not interfere with the voice or its volume and declares that they have received messages from happy deaf children because they were able to communicate despite the situation and thanks to the transparent mask, therefore being able to continue their education at school.

The mask costs less than 15 euros, is available in four sizes (3-5 years, 6-9 years, 10-15 years and adult) and is 100% recyclable. Click in the link to get yours.

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